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How to choose the Right Gluten-Free Restaurant

The high consumer demand for gluten-free foods is mainly attributed to the rising prevalence of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Gluten free meals have been ranked as one of the hottest trends among full service and sit down restaurant and as the top trend among quick service and fast food establishments, and that is according to an annual survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association. As a result, restaurants are putting more effort in expanding their gluten-free menu offerings and training their staff on how to properly prepare delicious gluten-free cuisine and also to avoid cross-contamination. While restaurants are making great strides in offering gluten-free foods, it is still recommended for gluten-intolerant consumers to tread carefully when dining out. Chances of cross-contamination are quite high as some restaurants may prepare gluten-free meals along with gluten-containing items, hence the need to be cautious when dining out. With the many restaurants claiming to offer the best and tastiest gluten-free meals in the market, selecting the best one can be quite a hard task. You should, therefore, consider the following factors to select a gluten-free restaurant that will best cater to your culinary needs.

One of the most important factors you should put into consideration when looking for a gluten-free restaurant is certification. Considering that it is quite hard to tell whether a gluten-free meal is really gluten-free, you should settle on a restaurant whose owner and chefs are certified by independent gluten-free awareness organizations such s the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness as well as the Gluten Intolerance Group. Such certifications are a proclamation of the restaurant’s reliability in providing gluten-free meals to their gluten-intolerant customers.

The other tips for choosing the best gluten-free restaurant is to read the online reviews and check the ratings of the various gluten-free restaurants within your local area. Through the unbiased views of the various clients, you will have an idea about the quality of services and meals offered by the various gluten-free restaurants within your local area, hence pick on that is most favorable for you. A finer dining establishment would be your best bet in ensuring that your gluten-free culinary needs are met since such restaurants offer a less hurried atmosphere as compared to fast food and quick-service restaurants.

Lastly, you should consider seeking recommendations from your gluten-intolerant friends or colleagues as they are highly likely to direct to some of the best gluten-free restaurants within your local area. You should be wary of restaurants where a communication barrier is likely to occur due to language issue as the service staff may not easily understand your dietary restrictions.
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